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Kasoombo Gujarati Movie Review

The movie ‘Kasumbo’ draws inspiration from the historical novel ‘Amar Balidan’ by Vimalkumar Dhami. When Alauddin Khilji sought to seize Shatrunjay Tirtha, the sacred Jain shrine in Palitana, Saurashtra, the Barot Samaj of Adipur village, led by Dadu Barot, took a stand to safeguard the sanctity of the shrines, refusing to yield even a spark. When Alauddin Khilji advanced towards the foothills of Shatrunjai, 51 valiant men from the Barot community made a sacrifice that would be remembered for eternity. ‘Kasumbo,’ a 14th-century historical epic of courage and devotion, stands as a tribute to the 51 brave Veer-Viranganas of Adipur village.

In ‘Kasumbo,’ each character fulfils their role with excellence, boasting a cast filled with renowned actors. The ensemble of this ambitious multi-starrer film is extensive, presenting considerable challenges in casting. Yet, Abhishek Shah’s casting choices stand out for their commendable execution and attention to detail.

Dharmendra Gohil’s portrayal of Dadu Barot captivates the audience, commanding attention with his dignified and commanding presence. As a formidable leader, Gohil embodies the role with perfection, never failing to mesmerize. Ronak Kamdar’s depiction of Amar Barot showcases a side of him unseen before; his charismatic smile now accompanies a portrayal of strength and bravery, marking a notable departure from his previous roles. Shraddha Dangar delivers a powerful performance as Sujan, Dadu Barot’s daughter, portraying her as a fierce and intelligent Veerangana with utmost dedication and conviction.

Monal Gajjar brings forth the beauty and innocence of Bhanej Roshan, Alauddin Khilji’s character, with grace and charm in the film. Darshan Pandya’s portrayal of Alauddin Khilji captivates with his intense gaze and commanding voice, portraying the character’s ruthlessness with striking conviction. Witnessing Pandya’s rendition of Khilji offers a unique experience, particularly in a scene where his body language evokes echoes of Ranveer Singh’s portrayal of Khilji in Bollywood, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

Chetan Dhanani’s portrayal of Arjun, though brief, holds significant importance in the film, resonating with Kathiawadi vibes and delivering a memorable performance. Ragi Jaani, in a cameo as Maharaj, leaves a profound impact with their portrayal, while Tatsat Moonshi shines in a minor role. Additionally, Feroze Irani, Kalpana Gagdekar, Jay Bhatt, Manoj Shah, and Komal Thakkar impeccably support the narrative, doing complete justice to their respective characters.

It’s worth noting that initially, some members of the cast may lack a bit of the heroic essence, but they gradually find their footing as the story progresses. However, actors besides Dharmendra Gohil, Shraddha Dangar, Chetan Dhanani, and Kalpana Gagdekar appear to face challenges in maintaining the Kathiawadi dialect consistently. Additionally, Darshan Pandya, Monal Gajjar, and Komal Thakkar seem to encounter some difficulties with Urdu dialogue delivery.

The dialogues in ‘Kasumbo’ breathe life into the film, infusing each line with a sense of grandeur. Crafted by Ram Mori A, these dialogues elevate every character’s speech, evoking applause from the audience in the theatre. Throughout the film, the dialogue sustains a heroic fervour, adding depth and resonance to key moments.

The film faces notable drawbacks with its slow start and a somewhat constrained script. While the initial moments captivate the audience’s attention, there’s a slight wane in engagement as the plot progresses. Nonetheless, the interval scene effectively rekindles interest and sparks curiosity about the unfolding events. Ultimately, cinema is an immersive experience, best appreciated through both sight and sensation.

Cinema thrives on the art of showing rather than constantly telling, allowing for a more impactful presentation. The verbosity of the first half could have been streamlined through titration, resulting in a sharper delivery. However, the second half, albeit slow to start, gradually gains momentum and captivates the audience until the climax. The culmination of the film is both heartrending and uplifting, evoking emotions of pride and bringing tears to the eyes of viewers.

Directed by Vijaygiri Bawa, ‘Kasumbo’ stands as a testament to the director’s unique vision and commendable effort in bringing the historical narrative to life on screen. Bawa’s ability to oversee minor details deserves recognition, showcasing their dedication to the project. The film effectively reflects the director’s investment in production, evident from start to finish.

The VFX in ‘Kasumbo’ deserves special praise, marking a pioneering achievement for Gujarati cinema. This level of VFX innovation is unprecedented in the industry, signalling a significant step forward and indicating that Gujarati films are gradually reaching par with Bollywood standards.

The music of ‘Kasumbo’ often goes unappreciated, yet it stands as the film’s strongest element. Whether it’s the enchanting songs or the captivating background score, every aspect leaves a lasting impression. Mehul Surti’s music serves as the perfect finishing touch, enhancing the overall experience. The film’s background music not only adds depth to the romance but also brings the story to life with its emotive resonance. After watching the film, one can’t help but wish for a separate album dedicated solely to its mesmerizing background score.

In ‘Kasumbo,’ the soundtrack boasts a diverse range of songs, including a lively wedding song, the spirited “Garbo Hai,” and the heroic title track, “Ragerag,” which encapsulates the essence of heroism. Together, these songs form a perfect album, elevating the film’s narrative. While the music itself is pleasing to the ears, its impact is heightened when experienced within the context of the film. The dance choreography, led by Bollywood’s Prince Gupta, showcases impressive skill, although the actors appear slightly self-conscious at times. Nevertheless, the infectious energy of the music helps to overshadow any minor flaws, particularly evident in the expertly choreographed dance and swordplay sequences featured in the title track of ‘Kasumbo.’

Don’t overlook ‘Kasumbo’ for an opportunity to witness a groundbreaking addition to Gujarati cinema—a grand historical spectacle on the silver screen. This film offers urban Gujarati audiences a unique blend of rural backdrop with urban sophistication, making it a must-watch. A feast for the eyes, ‘Kasumbo’ stands as a shining example of Gujarati cinema, evoking a sense of pride among Indian audiences.

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